Saturday, January 28, 2017

So this happened yesterday

Yesterday the arrogant, narcisistic, bloviating xenophobe, that some people will call President signed an executive order that stops immigrants from 7 countries, and refugees from Syria from entering the United States.  There are a few problems with this, first it is illegal!  There is a law on the booms banning discrimination against immigration. Second it is a violation of human rights.  For those of you that don't know its not just people holding visas its people with legal permanent resident status that are being stopped as well.  Yup that means people with Green cards who are here legally and have homes, jobs and family that are citizens here are being detained.  These people have already gone through an immigration vetting process and have been deemed safe to enter the country, and have started their lives here.  They have been traveling and are probably eager to return to their homes and families, except someone decided they would not be allowed to.  Who is the idiot that advised the Drump on this matter? Not that I defend it but it is way too broad and sweeping.  Also people were traveling at the time it was signed.  A deadline should have been set. Now people are being forced to return to their place of origin and bear the burden of that cost or remain unlawfully detained in airports.  This an egregious overreach of power!  Also I have 2 theories as to why these outrageous executive orders are being executed.  O e the Drump is doing everything he to make good on campaign promises so when  he screws over everyone who voted for him they will overlook it because he did what he said he was going to do.  Second he is distracting us while congress works to do more and more harm to the country by pushing their agenda through because no body is paying attention to them.  It might behoove us to spend more time watching cspan and less time watching the idiot that thinks he is charge!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Bet you didn't know this....

       And so it begins.  The transition of power between President Obama and Donald Trump has taken place.  I have friends and family that fall in both camps, Trump Supporters, and members of the "Opposition"  the "Resistance" if you will.  I am sure that by my second sentence you know which group I belong in.  If not you will have it figured out here shortly.

       I used to be a proud conservative.  Yup I will admit it, I was hardcore.  I railed against Bill Clinton in High School.  One of my teachers thought it was a little obsessive and at the end of the year he stated that he expected that at some point I would become politically involved.  Well here I am.  Another teacher praised my conservative values and may have even fostered some strong beliefs I didn't fully understand.  It was the one area in my entire life that my mother and I were in sync, and I wanted so much to get her approval because I did not have it in so many other ways, so I may have jumped into the deep end before I properly knew how to swim.  I joined the Air Force a few years out of High School and 2 years later George W. Bush was the GOP Candidate.  I am ashamed to admit I voted for him.  I received My absentee ballot by mail while I was stationed in South Carolina and I proudly (at the time) voted for G. W.  I praised him for Raising our Pay, and helping us out.  I was  so behind the new President and his policies, I didn't see the Negative affects that were having.

       Fast forward to 2006, I am no longer in the Military, I am 28 and I am finally out in the world making decisions, I land a great Corporate Job at a real estate development and holdings company.  I still maintain a few conservative values, but I have had a chance to live in the real world and those are slowly falling away.  That Job is great while it lasts and in 2008 when the economy tanks, so does the company I work for and everything goes down the drain.  I managed to receive Unemployment and took advantage of my GI Bill and got an education.  " What did you major in?' you may ask.  Political Science.  Which doesn't just include  how the American Government works, and American Policy, but Social Movements, Social Justice, History,Foreign Policy, Homeland Security, Public Administration, and many other subjects.  So that when you decide I'm just following the rest of the whiny Snowflakes you will know I have studied what the government does, I understand its inner workings.  I can decided for myself if what the government is doing is a problem or not.

       So that brings me to this.  I have read, and read, and read so many things on Social Media that offend me, that worry me, that anger me and make me want to throw my log on the fire.  I will no longer sit back and watch as the people of this country are dragged down to the bottom by a raging buffoon.  If you don't like what I have to say don't read it.  That is why I am writing here.  You can choose to click on the link and read or not.  I respect that as your right, but I will not tolerate hate speech of any kind or bashing of any one's opinions.  Any comments that are personal attacks on me or anyone that comments will be deleted.  If you have something to say and can write it courteously and back it up with facts I will let it stay even if I disagree but I will not stop other people from disagreeing with your response, as long as they extend the same courtesies.  These are my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions.  No one is ramming them down your throat.  So Now that you have figured out where I stand think back to all the things you have posted that could have gotten a negative nasty response from me, but also remember I left you to your opinion.

         For those of you that haven't figured it out Spoiler Alert, I am a very Progressive Liberal.  I border on Socialist !!!  There it is that dirty word Socialist.  If I haven't scared you away yet please know that I will be spending a lot of time here.  I will be writing a lot.  I may even write Every Day,  Sometimes More.  But know this I am pissed off, I am ready to fight, and I will Resist.  This country may be in the hands of someone who is hell bent on destroying it but I will be damned if I'm going to sit back and watch that happen.